Archives - Casumo Blog

Archives - Casumo Blog

1 dec. 2014 - Casumo julerbjudande. Nu är det jul igen, nu är det jul igen! Casumo har ett väldigt bra paket till dig som vill söka efter lite spänning hos dem. I detta unika casino kan du utforska en helt ny värld. Ditt casinokonto förvandlas till ett äventyr och du blir huvudpersonen som ska kämpa dig fram till målet och ta. Stay in the loop of what's going on at Casumo Casino. On the Casumo blog you'll find winner stories, jackpot news, game releases and lots of other fun stuff. 6 apr. 2016 - It's almost exactly 3,5 years ago since the first version of the Casumo site was launched and a lot of things has happened since then. We've created better versions of both our desktop and mobile site, we've developed the casumo (our character), we've won a bunch of awards, broken loads of records and. Casumo advertises to players that they can earn valuables and trophies to unlock new levels and planets. It seems like online gambling has become somewhat of a cookie cutter business. Status check the Winter Games: A Snowball is like a token. It is also the 5th multi-million jackpot win this year at Casumo. Click above to watch him at work. July th, 2017 July, 29, 2017. August th, 2017 August, 07, 2017. Shocked, he called his wife to go take a look, but it took them a while to realise what had happened. It is also the 5th multi-million jackpot win this year at Casumo. Yeah, but what are exactly these Snowballs? The game keeps you engaged as you earn trophies and make your way through the 40 levels, getting stuck into every inch of the Casumo story along the way. Did you hear that loud noise? A Snowball is like a token. Omusac comic strips - August edition. The Casino Challenge - when dreams come true. Hello world - say hi to the new Casumo blog.

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BIG WIN on Dragon Born Slot - £4 Bet Casumo - a casino adventure full of rewards and surprises. You have 24 hours to open this Wooden Prize Chest and claim its contents. Then I wrote down the entire win on single pieces of paper, laid them on the floor and when they came over I asked them to guess what it was. August th, 2017 August, 05, 2017. Hello world - say hi to the new Casumo blog. When we asked him which rock star or celebrity he would like to celebrate his win with Neil immediately mentioned Kasabian, Adele and Freddie Mercury. With each deposit he received a Prize Chest full of valuables and the Snowballs he needed to enter the weekly draw.

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